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The Living Art of Yoga ~ Expanding Awareness

18 Feb '15

Embodied Flow

Posted by Tara Judelle in Anusara, Embodied Flow, Hatha, Tantric, yoga

Building a new portal is no easy task. It is at once everyday and unique. Everyone has a website—their location in the world wide web that signifies who or what they are in the matrix. We wouldn’t even go to a new restaurant, hotel or dentist these days without looking at their website. As such, a website is an important, unique representation of what we signify in the world. It is truly our gateway into an experience. 

It is much easier for a hotel to make a website that signifies an experience than for a yoga facilitator. How can you possibly capture in a photo the depth of meditation or the cellular shift of a person? How do you take your position in nature, alongside the waves, the mountains, and the trees, and not glorify yourself as an entity. How do we invite others into the world of the unknown? It is a formidable task.

My guide in this mission has been my dear friend and collaborator in Embodied Flow™, Wanna Camcam. Creating a bridge between concept and creation for the new phase of my direction, Wanna has designed my new website. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you the new TaraJudelle.com.
The last 200-hour training in Bali, the Embodied Science of Yoga™ with Scott Lyons, marked the official debut of our long form Embodied Flow™ collaboration. It definitely initiated the entrance into a new era of contemplation and discovery. We experienced 27 people from 14 different countries play in the field of awakening practices on all different frequencies of embodiment, making us feel ever more confident of the relevance of this movement. We are working tirelessly to write and create more offerings in beautiful locations as we nurture the emerging Embodied Flow™ facilitators to be able to offer more of this style in areas around the globe.

Throughout, there remains only one overarching intention: For us all to become more conscious of what we really are. I was recently reignited by a phrase from Andrew Marr’s 600-page epic The History of the World which I have been reading and carrying around with me for almost half a year:
“In our ability to understand and shape the world around us, we humans have been a tumbling, bounding biological acceleration of skill and thinking, which has led to a recent acceleration in our numbers and our power. We now understand quite a lot about how life began on this planet, about the structure of what is around us and the planet’s place in the cosmos. We are even beginning to explore our own self-consciousness, that bright star in ‘the awakening of the world’, as one philosopher has put it.”

It is this last part, our awakening in the world that I wish us to explore together.

In love,